Local Partners

Throughout our website you will see photos from a recent photo shoot where all of our amazing local partners came together to collaborate and showcase their work, all the while supporting and elevating one another.  Please make sure to visit their websites, listed below, to view more of their work.

Henrik Sandin, Photographer

As soon as I came over to New Mexico and saw its beauty, I knew it was time to upgrade my old Minolta to a new digital SLR. So I got myself a Canon Rebel, and it was the start, or a re-start, of my photo interest. I started shooting a lot of landscapes and travel photography. I loved the instant feedback I got with a dSLR, and I started craving more knowledge. Soon, friends started asking for all kinds of portraits and photo services. I quickly learned that portraits were a very different kind of photography from landscapes. And I couldn’t learn fast enough! I loved learning about lighting, posing, post-processing, and everything else you need to know for making your portraits amazing. Since then I haven’t stopped learning. Through portraits came the interest of wedding photography, and ever since shooting my first wedding in 2009, I loved it. I have been able to move up through the cameras and lenses to now working with top-of-the-line gear with my Canon 5D mark III and many lenses. What used to fit in a small little camera bag now needs two big suitcases. My gear has gone from one camera with one lens to two cameras, about ten lenses, multiple flashes, and studio lights. Now I use them mostly for events, weddings, and portraits of all kinds, but I still love going out and finding photos in my surroundings; I can sit and wait for that perfect moment for a whole day.

Please visit my facebook page and web page and let's plan for your wedding, portraits, or next event.

Diana Rascon, Hair Stylist

Diana Rascon grew up in Los Alamos dreaming of owning her own salon.  After graduating from Los Alamos Highs School she went on to study at Olympian University in Albuquerque, specializing in cosmetology.  While still living in Los Alamos she drove daily to Albuquerque and graduated in 2011.  She left to Texas for a few years when an opportunity to come back to Los Alamos and open her own salon opened up.  She jumped at the chance to “beautify and adorn” Los Alamos and Venusto was born in July of 2013.   Since its opening Venusto Salon has become the talk of the town and Diana’s passion and dedication on giving a relaxing and transcendent experience to her clients.

You can book an appointment with Diana here, or follow her on facebook